First Takeda Actos Bladder Cancer Trial Set for February

While the number of Actos lawsuits continue to grow, the first cases are set to go to trial in early 2013.



The first of potentially thousands of Actos Lawsuits alleging that the Actos
long term use of the diabetes medication causes bladder cancer is set to go to trial in early 2013 in California.  Judge Kenneth R. Freeman, who is overseeing the Actos bladder cancer litigation in California, has scheduled the start date of Cooper v. Takeda Pharmaceuticals for February 19th, 2013.

While the California cases are scheduled to begin in the coming months, federal Actos lawsuits are not set to go to trial until late 2014.

Concerns about Actos causing bladder cancer have been mounting over the past few years.  In June 2011, both France and Germany pulled Actos off the market due to these worries. Later that same month the Food and Drug Administration issued a caution to patients taking Actos for more than one year that they may have an increased risk of bladder cancer. A 2011 study released using data from Kaiser Permanente Northern California showed that Actos patients taking the drug for more than 12 months faced an approximately 40 percent increased risk of developing bladder cancer.

A study released in May of 2012 by the British Medical Journal concluded that the type II diabetes medication, when taken more than two years, can double the risk of bladder cancer. Another study released in July of 2012 by the Canadian Medical Association showed a 22 percent increased risk of bladder cancer in Actos patients. The FDA is currently further  investigating links between Actos and bladder cancer.

If you or your loved one has taken Actos and subsequently developed bladder cancer time may be running our to protect your legal rights, contact an Actos attorney today. The attorneys at Slater Slater Schulman LLP, a New York law firm representing one of the first plaintiffs to file an Actos bladder cancer lawsuit against Takeda, continues to provide free consultations and case evaluations for patients who developed bladder cancer after using Actos.

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