J&J Engineer Agrees ASR Hips Recalled over Safety Concerns

Earlier in the trial, DePuy’s president testified in a deposition that the company recalled the implants because they “did not meet the clinical needs for the product”, not because they were unsafe.

Graham Isaac, an engineer who led the company’s hip-development program, testified under oath today to a Los Angeles jury that the DePuy ASR hip system, implanted in over 30,000 Americans and over 90,000 people worldwide, was recalled due to safety concerns.  This is in contrast to the earlier testimony of DePuy’s president, who testified that the faulty ASR hips were recalled not because they were unsafe, but because they “did not meet the clinical needs for the product”.


The plaintiff, 65 year old former prison guard Loren Kransky, alleges that  the ASR was designed poorly and DePuy failed to adequately test it before bringing it to market.  Studies have shown that the ASR design, i.e. a metal ball placed atop the femur rotating in a metal cup, causes metallic ion debris to be released into the bloodstream.  It is alleged that the debris damages the ASR recipient”s tissue and can enter his or her bloodstream, potentially poisoning the hip recipient.

Mr. Kelly testified that an internal DePuy analysis in late 2011 showed over 35 percent of ASR hips failed within four and a half years, and that 2012 Australian national registry data showed that 44 percent failed after seven years.

Johnson & Johnson, the parent company of DePuy and the world’s largest seller of healthcare products, denies the allegations of defective design.

For more on Mr. Isaac’s testimony, click here.


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