In today’s world, some accidents have a lot of obstacles, out of which one is Truck Accidents that happen in Toronto. Yes, this accident happens due to various conditions and before going ahead with a claim or a case, you need to consult a truck accident lawyer who will help you out in a very effective way. 

Facts About Truck Accidents Toronto

There are many facts which the truck drivers should be aware of. Since Ontario province has a lot of rules and regulations, one must know what is the time frame of contacting the lawyers and lots more.  

Once you take up Truck and all of a sudden you meet with an accident, within 7 days, you need to inform the insurance company about the incident. As well as should also file for the accidental benefits once you receive the application within 30 days. And one more important time frame to be noted is the concerned person has only 120 days to notify the opposite driver of fault. Intention and 2 years of filing time to get to know about the wages, claim and lots more. It’s always better to hire a Truck Accident Attorney for all such cases, wherein they provide extensive support for you.


In general, there are many reasons based on which Truck accidents occur. It’s based on the vehicle condition, based on the Collision mechanics. Due to which it can lead to minor injuries to major injuries which are trauma Brain injury, Quadriplegia, triplegia. Due to these collisions, claims are wrong which includes the other party’s car, bike as well.

Added to the above, there are other reasons why truck accidents happen. You might think it’s an accident, but considering the time frame, what needs to be done, everything is known by Truck Accident Lawyers Toronto, wherein they are experts and knowledgeable in such cases. 

The most common reasons for the Accident or injury are Fatigue, Tiredness of the driver, overloading the truck, Driving under the conditions of Alcohol, Poor driving, Not experienced and understanding of the road conditions, rash driving and Brake failure. Sometimes, driving during the night also ends with an accident if you are not aware of the way to be driven during that particular time. 


If the accident is related to a commercial truck accident, then you need to go with two types of filing. The first claim is the “ Accidental benefits” or “No-Fault benefits” Claim, which says it’s based on who is responsible for the liability.

Based on Recent laws and regulations as of 2010, there has been a specific time limit which is fixed as well as the amount you can claim for. The benefits include Medical and Rehabilitation benefits, Income replacement benefits as well as Attendant care. The amount differs from case to case. And also if you are not employed, you are eligible for a non-earner benefit of $185 per week. 

Another type of claim is a tort claim which is a lawsuit filed against the fault driver. This is applicable if someone is not liable during the time of the accident. This claim can recover your expenses related to Pain and suffering, Medical care services for the short and longer-term. 

Therefore, for all the extensive support and detailed overview of the case, it’s better to hire Truck Accident Lawyers Toronto who knows in depth of the case and is able to help you out. These professionals also know to stick to the guidelines, deadlines and take them forward as well.

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Is it necessary to hire a Truck accident Lawyer, since it's quite minimal?

It is suggested that to hire a Truck accident Attorney wherein to help you out during such incidents. Most of the registered trucks of around 4% have met with accidents and non-registered trucks of around 8%.

How many accidents happen per year?

Around 200 drivers in truck accidents and close to 100 fatal accidents happen every year.  

What are the major reasons for Truck accidents?

The most common causes are fatigue, Poor driving, Rash driving, Not adhering to traffic rules as well.